"Shakespeare & Friends is a cultural program that aims to encourage reading in children from an early age, so they can assess, use and recognize the importance of their language."

We present classic plays adapted for school-age children. Shakespeare & Friends performs plays at schools with a cast of professional actors, providing a spectacle full of adventure and fun that allows children to experience first hand the joy and wonder of the spoken word.


STEAM Connection: The plays adapted Shakespeare & Friends will produce are an ideal component of STEAM education. With our first play, "The Tempest", early elementary students will explore weather and the power of wind. Older elementary students will collaborate on solutions to move a group of stranded people from an island that is hundreds of miles from the mainland using math and science, instead of magic. 






More than 20 years' of experience as an actress, puppeteer, stage director and playwright. Master in theory and practice of dramaturgy by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Institut del Teatre.

As a playwright, she has adapted a number of novels and classics for the stage. She has written short works for teenagers and children's theatre. She has also explored dramaturgy in Circus, street theatre and puppet shows.




    Renowned writer and director with 30 years of experiece in Latin TV and Theatre industries. He has been the director of numerous theatrical plays, musicals, operas and children's theatre; director, producer and writer of many TV Shows. He is well known in the Latin Television Industry in USA for directing several shows for TELEMUNDO. He is currently working as a writer for UNIVISION, where he is engaged as a TV Series writer.



      Executive Producer

      More than 30 years' experience producing theater, movies, and television; Recipient of several awards and recognition for his work as a writer and producer; Accomplished Project Manager; Electoral Strategy Collaborator and Advisor to presidential candidates an other high ranking posts in Venezuela.

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        Artistic Producer

        Born in Venezuela, she has more than 30 years' of experience in the world of entertainment. In her solid career she has produced theater, cinema and television. Working as a producer in major global character corporations such as NBC, TELEMUNDO and VENEVISION PRODUCTION, which at that time produced dramatic series for UNIVISION.



        Costume Designer

        Born in Spain, costume designer and great Fashion History's lover, she started her professional career after finishing her studies at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. Her passion for films and costumes took her to London, where she focused on theatre work. After her encounter with the venezuelan theatre company Opera Trasatlantica she moved to Caracas, Venezuela, where she collaborated with the director Vicente Albarracin in a variety of productions.

        Life experiences from those times, the necesity of recicling as a way to produce costumes, combined with an irreverent and original point of view about life, translates into her design and it has become her own personal trademark.

        On her return to Europe, she had the oportunity to assist different BBC designers on TV series and films.

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        Born in Caracas - Venezuela, Sensi is an Ilustrator, Designer, Yoga Teacher, and long-life traveler.

        She studied Design and Fine Arts in Caracas, Boston, New York, and Buenos Aires. She has worked on a variety of projects in several countries. She is also a former founder of several yoga studios in Buenos Aires.

        Currently living between Merida, Yucatan/Mexico and NYC where she works, design, teaches and study.